Administration and Staff

All teachers are highly qualified and continue to attend workshops and conferences that broaden and enrich their teaching techniques. Each classroom has a teacher assistant on a daily basis.We also have part time speech, occupational and physical therapists.


Ms. Lauren Bell


Administrative Assistant

Ms. Mary Jessica Bloguszewski



Ms. Maria Falcone                             


Teachers and Assistants:


Wynnewood Campus

Classroom 1 Teacher (LTS): Mrs. Carissa Coulter-Thomas

Classroom 1 Email:


Classroom 2 Teacher: Ms. Kim Azzarrano

Classroom 2 Email:


Classroom 4 Teacher: Ms. Merissa Curtis

Classroom 4 Email:


Classroom 5 Teacher: Mrs. Emma Dias

Classroom 5 Email:


Classroom 6 Teacher: Ms. Allie Dilks

Classroom 6 Email:


Classroom 8 Teacher: Mrs. Blake Campbell

Classroom 8 Email:


Classroom 9: Ms. Megan Kenny

Classroom 9 Email:


Classroom 10 Teacher: Mrs. Timarie Vavra

Classroom 10 Email:


Classroom 12 Teacher: Mrs. Maria Morgan

Classroom 12 Teachers:


Radnor Campus

Classroom 416 Teacher: Ms. Bridget Mscisz

Classroom 416 Email:


Classroom 324 Teacher: Ms. Shannon Murphy

Classroom 324 Email:


Classroom 326 Teacher: Mrs. Rosemary Faris

Classroom 326 Email:



Support Staff

Ms. Kathleen Welsh – BCBA

Mrs. Pam Sholette – Job Coach

Mrs. Graceanne Ginn – PAES Lab

Ms. Melissa Mininno – Family Connections Counselor

Ms. Jennifer McCullough – Radnor School Nurse

Mrs. Leslie Rosenwaike – Occupational Therapist

Ms.  Nancy Ryan – Physical Therapist/ Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Meghan Neary – Speech Therapist (Wynnewood)

Ms. Shanta Perkins – WW Lunch Manager

Ms. Valeria Johnson – High School Lunch Manager

Ms. Shanta Perkins – Custodian

Mr. Tom Gordon – Maintenance