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2017 CEO America Student Scholarship Application



Weekly Bulletin    6-10-18  


This is the last one for the year and the last one that I will personally be sending out.  Please know that I am email or telephone call away at any time!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for:

-entrusting your students with us

-your patience and understanding that our students are special and require focused attention, especially when I returned calls on the weekends

-the support you have given to the students, teachers and myself

-permitting me to fall deeper in-love with my career choice because of your students

-the kindness I have received

-the laughs that were shared

-the wonderful Christmas shows

-the hard work and dedication we have shared when working with your student

-your help and understanding

-never giving me a chance to be bored

-encouraging creative thinking and strategizing

…and mostly, thank you for allowing me to be apart of the amazing community we call SKDS.  What a blessing!

Reminder Dates:
6/11 – HS dismiss @ 11; No school WW
6/12 – HS no school; WW dismiss @ 11
6/13 – both dismiss @ 11
6/14 – last day for all; dismiss @ 11
6/15 – summer IEP meetings designated by teachers