History and Mission


Saint Katherine Day School opened in 1953. We were the first day school for special needs students in the United States and the first of its kind in Philadelphia. Saint Katherine Day School strives to meet the unique needs of a diverse student population. We are the only Archdiocesan school that provides a school program for students with multiple impairments. We choose to use our school resources to meet this need because of our deep belief and respect for the dignity of all God’s people.


Saint Katherine School is a Roman Catholic diocesan school that assists students with special needs in helping the student reach his/her fullest potential in academic, social, vocational, and spiritual domains.

We Believe

  • We teach and live the Catholic Faith and witness the Gospel Values in everyday interactions with our students.  
  • We believe all students with special needs have the right to an Education and we strive to provide an individualized education to meet their fullest potential. We provide an Individualized Special Education; Specially Designed Instruction is at the core of the implementation of our educational programs.
  • We provide a Safe Environment and appropriate learning environments for effective learning to take place and a positive self image can be fostered.
  • We foster Social Development through community based instruction, reverse integration at the  Wynnewood Campus, and the integration of the high school students within an Archdiocesan high school.  These programs integrate a balance between knowledge, experience and social skills that will enhance the quality of our students’ lives and help them become productive members of the community.  
  • We provide Transition information to help encourage students to find employment or meaningful adult programs in the community, in the church and in their homes.  
  • We seek to expand Parent Involvement to enhance the Saint Katherine School community from the onset of our students’ educational process.