Program Funding

Saint Katherine School is funded by Catholic Charities as well as through student tuition, fees, donations, and fundraising.

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Saint Katherine School

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The Archdiocese of Philadelphia sets the yearly amount of tuition and fees:

  • There is also a non-refundable Registration Fee due each year.
  • Please call the office for more information on tuition and tuition assistance.

Schools of Special Education

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who leave school prior to April 1st, either voluntarily or because of school policies, receive a prorated refund if they have fully paid tuition in advance of the transfer. If there is a balance due after adjusting the charges, there is no refund and the balance must be paid before transcripts, IEP’s, reports card or any other reports provided by the school will be released. The registration fee is not refundable and no refunds are given for withdrawals that occur after March 31st

The following schedule shows the tuition due for students who withdraw during the year. Upon withdrawal, the prorated tuition charge for the month will apply. The amount of your refund will also depend upon other fees due and the amount paid to date. Families who decide not to have their child in school in September must notify the school prior to August 31st to avoid any tuition charge. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

Withdrawal Date                           Tuition Charged

Prior to August 31                                     No Charge

September 1 to September 30                    30%

October 1 to October 31                               40%

November 1 to November 30                     50%

December 1 to December 31                      60%

January 1 to January 31                             70%

February 1 to February 28                        80%

March 1 to March 31                                  90%

After April 1                                                 100%

 Tuition assistance is available to our students through BLOCS, Children’s Scholarship Fund, and Private Foundations.

IMG_8233     IMG_8234

Tuition Assistance Opportunities

Ellis Trust for Girls- Tuition Assistance Grants Grades 9-12


Please make sure you complete the FACTS tuition assistance and Children’s Scholarship Fund application. I would like to invite you to St. Katherine School Wynnewood Campus on January 10th from 9am to 2pm with assistance in complete the Facts Application. The DEADLINE for applications is February 1st. You DO NOT have to have your tax information in order to submit an application. Please feel free to call Lauren Bell if you have any questions.

FACTS Tuition Assistance: Applications are now open for the 2020/2021 School Year!

Families are encouraged to apply early for spring awards for 20/21 School Year Tuition

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia: Lottery applications are now open for the 2020/2021 school year. These are four-year awards for students in grades k-8.